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Breast cancer detection epoch.

The Action and Planning Committee on Breast Cancer Control was formed in 1970 by the American Cancer Society, based on their earlier successful experience with early-detection programs for uterine cancer. The original intention was to support 12 centers for 2 years, but with the passage of the Conquest of Cancer Act in 1971, and the consequent availability of more funds for cancer programs, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute decided jointly to expand the program to 27 Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project Centers, with 280,000 women participating, who would be examined annually for 5 years. Data from the examinations, which included history, physical examination, mammogram, and thermogram, were subjected to a continuing computer analysis. The thermogram was deleted after the second year. Although patients were randomly selected, there was an almost identical number of subjects in two age groups--35-49 years and 50-75 years. The results of the study are presented, and the importance of the program's efforts at breast self-examination education as contained in the program's original protocol, is discussed.[1]


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