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Breast Self-Examination

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Disease relevance of Breast Self-Examination


Psychiatry related information on Breast Self-Examination

  • The results indicated that the African-American nurses had high percentages of adherence to the following health-promoting behaviors: minimal alcohol consumption, avoidance of smoking, cholesterol screening, assessment of blood sugar levels, monthly breast self-examination, pap smears, mammogram screening and regular measurement of blood pressure [3].

High impact information on Breast Self-Examination

  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Mammogram and clinical breast examination during the past year and performance of monthly breast self examination, with the screening rates in wave 2 directly standardized to the income and education distribution of wave 1 in each area [4].
  • We surveyed 80 physicians from four specialties (Family Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Ob-Gyn) to investigate how they taught breast self-examination (BSE) [5].
  • OBJECTIVE: The Ontario breast screening program (OBSP) is a provincial breast screening programme offering two view mammography, clinical breast examination, instruction in breast self examination, and systematic two year recall to Ontario women 50 years and older [6].
  • Clinical breast examination and breast self-examination. Past and present effect on breast cancer survival [7].
  • The personal and normative influences on breast self-examination (BSE) behavior in older women were examined using the Theory of Reasoned Action. The sample consists of 93 volunteers ranging in age from 52 to 90 years [8].

Gene context of Breast Self-Examination


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