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Mylicon drops in the treatment of infant colic.

The efficacy of simethicone (available in liquid form as Mylicon Drops) in the treatment of infant colic was assessed in 51 healthy infants between 2 and 12 weeks of age. The open-label trial consisted of a one-week study period. Care-givers were to report on the infant's response to treatment after one day and one week of treatment, and in terms of the overall quality of life of both infant and family. Symptoms of colic improved or resolved in 38 infants (78%) after one day of treatment and in 44 (86%) after seven days. On both days, caregivers also noted that the quality of family life was noticeably improved. Mylicon Drops, in a dose of 0.3 ml with each feeding, can cause improvement or complete resolution of the symptoms of infant colic in the vast majority of patients and a better quality of life for both infant and family.[1]


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