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Regulation of synthesis of larval serum proteins after transplantation of larval fat body into adult Drosophila melanogaster.

The larval serum proteins, LSP1 and LSP2, of Drosophila melanogaster are synthesized by the fat body during the third instar. We examined the potential for LSP synthesis by fat body implants in adult flies. Fat body from third instar donors will continue to synthesize LSPs in both males and females. Implants from late second instar larvae will start synthesizing LSP1 and LSP2 in females but only LSP1 in males, suggesting that regulation of these proteins is not the same and that the physiological milieu in the two sexes differs. The newly synthesized LSPs are secreted into the hemolymph for approximately 48 hr when secretion stops but synthesis continues. This sequence follows the pattern for LSP secretion in situ. Fat body from mid second instar larvae is variable in its ability to synthesize LSPs. LSPs are not detected in implants from first instar larvae despite there being a high level of protein synthesis in the implant and considerable growth of the fat body cells. We conclude that there is a critical stage of differentiation during the latter half of the second instar when the fat body becomes independent of the larval milieu and can synthesize LSPs in the adult.[1]


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