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Characterization of serum apolipoprotein patterns in rats during suckling and post-weaning periods.

Changes of serum apolipoprotein patterns during the suckling and post-weaning periods were studied in rats. Concentrations of apolipoprotein A-IV and the high-molecular-weight form of apolipoprotein B were markedly high during the early suckling periods and decreased at weaning. Secretion of apolipoprotein A-IV into the mesenteric lymph in 2-week-old rats was as high as that in adult rats into which the high-fat diet was infused constantly. Apolipoprotein A-IV was found both in high-density lipoprotein and lipoprotein-free fractions, and the relative distribution in the latter decreased developmentally. The concentration of apolipoprotein A-I was low for 1 week after birth, after which it increased to the adult level. The apolipoprotein E level during the suckling and post-weaning periods was similar to or above that of adult rats. The newly formed apolipoprotein B in very-low-density lipoproteins secreted by the isolated liver and by the primary culture hepatocytes of suckling rats was predominantly a high-molecular-weight form. Overnight fasting and early weaning caused a remarkable alteration of the serum apolipoprotein profile. It therefore appears that frequent ingestion of dam's milk as well as ontogenic development are relevant to the serum apolipoprotein patterns characteristic for suckling rats.[1]


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