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A Bacillus subtilis dnaG mutant harbours a mutation in a gene homologous to the dnaN gene of Escherichia coli.

A dnaG mutation of Bacillus subtilis, dnaG5, was found to be linked closely to recF. We have reported previously that two putative dna genes, 'dnaA' and ' dnaN', highly homologous to Escherichia coli's dnaA and dnaN, respectively, were located adjacent to recF [Ogasawara et al., EMBO J., 4 (1985) 3345-3350]. Transformation by various fragments cloned from the 'dnaA'-recF region of the wild-type cell revealed that a 532-bp AluI fragment containing 5'-portion of the ' dnaN' gene could transform the dnaG5 mutation. The nucleotide (nt) sequence of the same fragment cloned from the mutant cell shows a single nt change in the ORF of ' dnaN' which in turn causes a single amino acid alteration from Gly to Arg. The ' dnaN' gene is now proven to be a dna gene, mutations in which result in instant arrest of chromosomal replication.[1]


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