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Gene Review

dnaG  -  DNA primase

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK3056, JW3038, dnaP, parB, sdgA
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Disease relevance of dnaG


High impact information on dnaG

  • The rpsU-dnaG-rpoD macromolecular synthesis operon of E. coli [6].
  • Here we present the nucleotide sequence of this parB region spanning 328 bp between 46% and 49% on the plasmid genome. parB is a noncoding region with extensive internal symmetry [7].
  • However, our genetic data indicate that transcription from the gene L-containing operon into parB is required [7].
  • Yeast DNA polymerase--DNA primase complex; cloning of PRI 1, a single essential gene related to DNA primase activity [8].
  • Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed that parB cDNA has homology to glutathione S-transferase (GST; RX:glutathione R-transferase, EC from several sources including plant and animal cells [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of dnaG


Biological context of dnaG


Anatomical context of dnaG

  • The number of flagella per unit cell length decreased sharply after shifting the culture temperature from 30 degrees to 40 degrees C in the following Ts mutants: ftsC108, ftsD1033, ftsE1181, ftsF1141, ftsG29, ftsZ84, parA110, dnaB42, nrdB, and dnaG [15].
  • We have isolated an auxin-regulated cDNA, parB, from the early stage of cultured tobacco mesophyll protoplasts [9].
  • Arabinosylnucleoside 5'-triphosphate inhibits DNA primase of calf thymus [16].

Associations of dnaG with chemical compounds

  • The region coding for the dnaG primase has been identified by NH2-terminal and tryptic peptide amino acid analysis of the dnaG protein [11].
  • Disruption of either sdgA or sdgC blocked salicylate degradation; constructs lacking sdgD accumulated gentisate [17].
  • As GST, and its substrate glutathione, are shown to be related to cell proliferation as well as detoxification of xenobiotics in plant and animal cells, the role of parB is discussed in relation to the induction of proliferative activity in differentiated and nondividing mesophyll protoplasts of tobacco [9].
  • In glycerol gradients, the DNA primase sedimented at a rate corresponding to a molecular mass of about 120 kDa [18].
  • By deletion of the parB locus and using pBluescript KS(+) as an intermediate, pXG40 (2.8 kb), containing unique restriction sites for BamHI, EcoRI, SacI, and KpnI at the ends of the kanamycin resistance gene, was generated [10].

Other interactions of dnaG


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of dnaG


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