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A new cross-reactive idiotype-defined family in the phthalate humoral immune response of mice. I. Linkage of VH- Xmp to IgCH allotype locus and mapping with respect to other known VH genes.

A cross-reactive idiotype family was previously identified from a very large library of phthalate-specific hybridoma clones. The prototype of this idiotype family is the hybridoma, 2E9, secreting an IgM antibody with phthalate specificity. A portion of both primary and secondary anti-phthalate antibodies elicited in all BALB/c mice tested expresses the 2E9 cross-reactive idiotype. This idiotype has now been found in the anti-phthalate antibodies of several other inbred strains of mice (A/HeHa, DBA/2, and C3Hf/HeHa) tested but not in C57BL/6 mice. Anti-phthalate antibodies elicited from congenic mice BC.8, which express the same IgCH allotype as BALB/c mice but possess C57BL/6 genetic background, contain the 2E9 cross-reactive idiotype, whereas this idiotype is not expressed on the anti-phthalate antibodies derived from another congenic mouse CB.20, which expresses a C57BL/6 IgCH allotype and a genetic background of the BALB/c strain. These results indicate that the gene controlling the 2E9 idiotype is closely linked to the IgCH allotype locus. The 2E9 cross-reactive idiotype was also found in all of the F1 mice (BALB/c X C57BL/6) tested, and the level of expression of this idiotype in the F1 mice was quantitatively equivalent to the allotype/idiotype homozygous mice. The expression of the 2E9 idiotype in the phthalate repertoire has been followed in 12 different wild mouse populations. As expected, the 2E9 idiotype was observed in a large proportion of the wild mouse strains. Surprisingly, several examples of nonconcordance in the expression of idiotype and allotype were observed in these mice. One likely explanation for the linkage breakdown is a crossing over of the heavy chain constant and variable region gene complexes. In the SM/J inbred strain of mice, where such a crossover has occurred, nonconcordance between allotype and 2E9 idiotype expression was demonstrated. By using the recombinant inbred BXD strains of mice, the VH gene encoding the 2E9 idiotype has been mapped with respect to other known VH gene families. Relative to other VH genes the VH- Xmp is situated very close to the IgCH gene region.[1]


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