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Induction of macrophage Ia antigen expression by rIFN-gamma and down-regulation by IFN-alpha/beta and dexamethasone are mediated by changes in steady-state levels of Ia mRNA.

In previous studies, the induction of Ia antigens on murine peritoneal exudate macrophages by recombinant IFN-gamma (rIFN-gamma) and the antagonism of rIFN-gamma- induced Ia expression by the inhibitors IFN-alpha/beta and glucocorticoids have been examined. In this report, these findings have been extended to an analysis of total or cytoplasmic mRNA from macrophage cultures treated with rIFN-gamma in the absence or presence of these two inhibitors. Recombinant IFN-gamma induced a 5.7- to 6.5-fold increase in steady-state levels of Ia (A alpha-specific) mRNA. Coordinate increases in steady-state mRNA for A beta, and E alpha were observed in response to rIFN-gamma. Maximum induction occurred 24 hr post-treatment and required the continued presence of rIFN-gamma. Induction of A alpha-specific mRNA was sensitive to the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide. Simultaneous treatment of macrophage cultures with rIFN-gamma and IFN-alpha/beta or the glucocorticoid dexamethasone (DEX) resulted in a significant decrease in steady-state, A alpha-specific mRNA levels compared with treatment with rIFN-gamma alone. This analysis suggests that both the induction of Ia expression by rIFN-gamma, and the antagonism of rIFN-gamma-induced Ia gene expression by IFN-alpha/beta and DEX, are regulated by cognate changes in Ia mRNA.[1]


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