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Histochemical changes in the digestive tract in irradiated rats.

Wistar rats (110-125 g) were irradiated with a single dose of 500 R. Histochemical studies were done concerning the glycoproteins (GP) of sublingual glands, gastric, small intestine and colon mucosa, and some intestinal enzymes: acid and alkaline phosphatase (ACP, ALP) leucineaminopeptidase (LAP), Mg-dependent ATP-ase, NADH-diaphorase, lactic dehydrogenase (LDH). After irradiation all these reactions were diminished, with a maximal effect between 3-5 days. This impairment is in accord with the maximal lethality in this interval after such a degree of irradiation that produced the gastrointestinal syndrome. Cocarboxylase, a radioprotector, improved these changes regarding the structures of the small intestine and also the GP of sublingual glands, stomach, small intestine and colon, demonstrating there its efficiency.[1]


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