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Accelerated glycation of the aorta in diabetic rats.

Glycation of the aorta in rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes was estimated by determining the early-stage product and the advanced product of the Maillard reaction. The early-stage product of the Maillard reaction was determined using furosine, which is derived from glycated lysine residues by acid hydrolysis. The advanced product was determined by fluorescence high-performance liquid chromatography. The levels of both early-stage and advanced products in diabetic rats were significantly higher than those in non-diabetic rats at the age of both 20 and 50 weeks. The levels of both early-stage and advanced products at 50 weeks in rats tended to be higher than those at 20 weeks. However, the level of glycated hemoglobin in both non-diabetic and diabetic rats showed no significant change between 20 and 50 weeks of age. These results suggest that tissue glycation may be involved in the development of diabetic complications and may be related to the aging mechanism.[1]


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