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Effects of gold on the production of and response to human interleukin-1.

We studied the effects in vitro of sodium aurothiomalate (GSTM) on the production of, and response to, a monocyte supernatant with interleukin-1 (IL-1)-like activity. Monocyte supernatant was produced by human peripheral blood monocytes stimulated with lipoprotein polysaccharide, and its IL-1-like activity assayed by its effect on tritiated thymidine incorporation by C3H/HeJ mouse thymocytes. GSTM inhibited the thymocyte response to monocyte supernatant even when added to monocyte supernatant and thymocytes after 48 h of culture. GSTM also inhibited production of IL-1-like activity by monocytes, when added to culture within the first 22 h. Inhibition of both response to and production of monocyte supernatant was dose dependent. These effects of GSTM on Il-1-like activity may constitute one of the mechanisms of action of the drug in rheumatoid arthritis.[1]


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