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Localization of the murine lambda 5 gene on chromosome 16.

The chromosomal location of the murine lambda 5 gene was analyzed by Southern hybridization using restriction enzyme-digested DNA from a panel of 15 mouse X hamster somatic cell hybrids. Sequences homologous with those of lambda 5 DNA were detected in DNA of 5 hybrids. In all 5 hybrids lambda 5 was contained in restriction fragments of equal sizes, the lengths of which indicated that the germline configuration of lambda 5 with three exons and the restriction sites expected from its genomic structure were present. Southern hybridization with the murine lambda 1 gene as a probe detected the same 5 hybrids as positive. The only mouse chromosome present on all of the positive hybrids, and absent from negative ones, was number 16. We conclude that lambda 5 is situated on the same chromosome as lambda 1, i.e., on the murine chromosome 16.[1]


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