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The half-life of immunoglobulin mRNA increases during B-cell differentiation: a possible role for targeting to membrane-bound polysomes.

The increase in abundance of immunoglobulin heavy-chain (IgH) mRNA that accompanies development of a B cell into a plasma cell is mainly due to post-transcriptional events. By constructing mu genes, whose expression is under inducible control, we determined the half-life of pulsed mu transcripts to be approximately 20 hr in plasmacytoma hosts and approximately 3 hr in B-cell lymphomas. Interestingly, a mu gene with a mutated signal sequence that is found on free (rather than membrane-bound) polysomes decays in the plasmacytoma host with a shortened half-life of 3 hr. Thus, a change in the turnover rate of IgH mRNA plays an important role in the cell-type specificity of immunoglobulin gene expression; this change may be a consequence of the fact that IgH mRNA is located in the membrane-bound polysome fraction.[1]


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