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Cloning within the unc-43 to unc-31 interval (linkage group IV) of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome using Tc1 linkage selection.

The region around the twitcher gene, unc-22, flanked by unc-43 on the left and by unc-31 on the right, has been intensively studied in our laboratory over the period of the last 8 years. In this paper we describe the identification and isolation of probes specific for several restriction fragment length differences (RFLDs) which lie within this region. Many RFLDs in Caenorhabditis elegans are caused by the insertion of a transposable element, Tc1. The method we used involved the isolation of Tc1-containing genomic fragments. These were recovered from a lambda gt 10 library of DNA from a specially constructed genetic strain containing the unc-43 to unc-31 interval from the BO strain and the rest of the genome from N2. Because the BO strain is rich in Tc1 insertion sites and the N2 strain has few, the majority of Tc1-bearing genomic fragments in the constructed strain were derived from the unc-22 region. Of nine such Tc1-bearing genomic fragments isolated, six were found which mapped within the region of interest. The 350 kilobases of genomic sequences isolated as a result of these studies are being used to study the molecular organization of this region. The method described here for Tc1 linkage selection is one that is rapid, general, and may be targeted to any genetically characterized region of the C. elegans genome.[1]


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