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Microanalytical high-performance liquid chromatography assay for cefpirome (HR 810) in serum.

We report a microanalytical high-performance liquid chromatography method for quantitation of cefpirome (HR 810) from serum. The drug was extracted from 0.05 ml of serum with 0.2 ml of isopropanol containing beta-hydroxypropyltheophylline, the internal standard. Separations were performed on a C18 column at ambient temperature with detection at 240 nm. The mobile phase consisted of acetate buffer (0.05 M sodium acetate) containing tetrabutylammonium hydroxide and methanol (pH 5.1; 70:30, vol/vol). The method was linear to 500 micrograms of cefpirome per ml and had a sensitivity of 0.6 micrograms/ml. Analytical recovery was greater than 86%, and the between-day coefficient of variation was less than 4.2%. The stability for 1 week at 4 to 8 degrees C and for 30 days at -20 degrees C was documented. Interference with commonly used antibiotics, analgesics, methylxanthines, and anticonvulsants was not found. The small sample volume and ease of preparation make this method suitable for use in pediatric pharmacokinetic investigations of cefpirome.[1]


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