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Chlorobenzilate-induced effects on enzyme-altered foci in rat liver and intercellular communication in rat liver WB-F344 epithelial cells.

The mouse liver carcinogen chlorobenzilate (CB), a DDT-related pesticide, was investigated for enhancement of enzyme altered foci incidence in partially hepatectomized, diethyl-nitrosamine-initiated rats. In this in vivo experiment, CB administered per os (25 or 100 mg/kg per day for 10 weeks) enhanced foci incidence at the high dose level. In order to study potential mechanisms involved, CB was investigated for inhibition of gap-junctional intercellular communication in rat liver epithelial WB-F344 cells and Chinese hamster V79 cells in vitro. CB abolished dye transfer in WB-F344 cells and inhibited metabolic cooperation in V79 cells. Two CB metabolites were unable to induce such tumor promotion related effects. The results of this investigation provide support for the involvement of an epigenetic, tumor promoting mechanism in CB-induced liver tumors in laboratory animals.[1]


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