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Kleine-Levin syndrome with periodic apnea during hypersomnic stages--E.E.G. study.

A 33 year old male, suffering from Kleine-Levine syndrome associated with periods of apnea during the hypersomnic attacks, is reported. Ventilatory studies negate the Pickwickian syndrome. The E.E.G.'s recorded during the hypersomnic attacks and the apneic periods showed a direct correlation between high-voltage delta waves paroxysmal E.E.G. activity, and apneic period. Medications known to improve Kleine-Levin syndrome, in our case, had no effect upon the clinical hypersomnic and apnea periods, nor on the correlatives E.E.G.'s pattern and spirometric studies. Theoretical considerations let us assume that these paroxysmal E.E.G. patterns associated with apnea are NRem-sleep serotonin dependent, and have an inhibitory influence on the respiratory centers, by alternating the equilibrium between the catecholamines and acetylcholine activities.[1]


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