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Immunologic surface markers in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.

Tissues from 21 patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas were examined for immunologic cell surface markers. Patterns of distribution of complement receptor ( CR) B lymphocytes and Fc receptor (FcR)-bearing histiocytes in tumor tissue were evaluated and compared to routine histologic preparations of the tumors and to normal tissue. The lymphomatous infiltrates from all 6 cases of nodular, poorly differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma (NPDLL) consisted of dense populations of CR B lymphocytes. Involved tissue from 7 of 8 patients with diffuse, poorly differentiated lymphocytic lymphoma (DPDLL) was predominately comprised of CR B lymphocytes. Discrete nodules of CR B cells were present in a lymph node replaced by DPDLL. FcR were identified on the cells from 1 of 3 cases of histiocytic lymphoma. None of the 4 cases of undifferentiated lymphoma possessed demonstrable surface markers in tissue section; however, the cell suspension from 1 case contained a high percentage of CR B cells. Both CR and T cell markers were present on the cells of DPDLL of childhood.[1]


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