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The corpus callosum is larger with right-hemisphere cerebral speech dominance.

Variations in the size of the human corpus callosum were examined as a possible morphological substrate of functional asymmetries of the cerebral hemispheres, such as cerebral speech dominance. The midsagittal surface area of the corpus callosum, obtained by magnetic resonance imaging, was measured in 50 patients with epilepsy and 50 neurologically normal control subjects. The mean callosal area did not differ significantly between patients and control subjects, between left-handed and right-handed subjects, or between men and women. When measurements were compared among 44 patients, whose cerebral speech dominance had been determined by the intracarotid injection of sodium amytal, the area of the corpus callosum was significantly greater in patients with right-hemisphere cerebral speech dominance. The mean callosal area was greater by 109 to 159 square millimeters (18-28%) when compared to that of patients with either left-hemisphere speech dominance or bilateral speech representation. This difference in midsagittal surface area could represent as many as 37 to 54 million additional callosal axons in subjects with right-hemisphere cerebral speech dominance.[1]


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