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Group B streptococcal cellulitis in infants: a disease modified by prior antibiotic therapy or hospitalization?

Among 78 cases of group B streptococcal infections in children hospitalized at our institution during 1981 to 1985, five cases of cellulitis in infants were identified. Age at onset was 4 to 11 weeks. Group B streptococci were isolated from each of two aspirate cultures, all four blood cultures obtained before administering antibiotics, and none of four spinal fluid cultures obtained. All five infants had previously been treated with IV antibiotics in the hospital. Two infants had been previously treated for group B streptococcal infections (one each meningitis and neonatal sepsis). In contrast, among the 29 other patients with late-onset (2 weeks of age or older) group B streptococcal infection, four had prior treatment with IV antibiotics (P less than .001). These data suggest that hospitalization and/or parenteral antibiotic therapy may be a risk factor for development of group B streptococcal cellulitis.[1]


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