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Immunocytochemical localization of albumin in ovarian follicles of fertile rats.

The purpose of this study was to investigate whether albumin ( Alb) can be detected in ovarian rat granulosa cells. Using immunocytochemistry and morphometrics, the percentages of Alb-positive follicles (follicle-index), of Alb-positive granulosa cells (granulosa-index), and of strongly reacting follicles (intensity-index) were evaluated in intact and regressing follicles of different diameter groups during different stages of the estrous cycle. In intact follicles, the follicle- and the granulosa-index increased from small-sized to large-sized follicles. Although the follicle-index did not change in any group during the stages of the estrous cycle, the granulosa-index was higher during proestrus than during the other stages. Intact follicles showed a stronger immunoreactivity than regressing follicles throughout the stages of the estrous cycle. Thus, Alb may be a requirement for the control of follicle growth in fertile rats. This Alb function may be attributable to Alb binding to specific cell-membrane components followed by the intracellular uptake of Alb-bound substances.[1]


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