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Arrest of proteolipid transport through the Golgi apparatus in Jimpy brain.

Immunocytochemical investigations were performed on Jimpy and control mouse brains using three specific anti-myelin proteolipids antisera: immunoaffinity purified multivalent anti-(PLP + DM-20) proteolipid antibodies, anti-C-terminal hexapeptide 271-276 and anti-tridecapeptide 117-129 antisera. The results show that oligodendrocytes and myelin sheaths in normal mouse brain are labelled to the same extent by the three specific antisera; in contrast, in Jimpy brain these cellular structures are only stained by the multivalent antibodies and the site-specific, anti-tridecapeptide antiserum. The absence of labelling with C-terminal hexapeptide antiserum in mutant brain is interpreted as the result of either a large deletion or a point mutation producing a frameshift in the C-terminal part of the sequences of the proteolipids PLP and DM-20. Furthermore, we show that this mutation prevents the normal transport of proteolipid molecules through the Golgi apparatus. The existence of a minor, extra-Golgi apparatus metabolic route for proteolipids to myelin structures is also discussed.[1]


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