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Induction of the SOS response by hydroxyurea in Escherichia coli K12.

Hydroxyurea at concentrations higher than 10(-2) M induced the recA and sfiA genes of E. coli as well as the lambda prophage by a pathway independent of the recBC genes. In addition, the hydroxyurea-mediated induction of the SOS response is accompanied by a recA-dependent decrease on the cellular ATP pool. The presence of the multicopy plasmid pPS2, harboring the nrdAB genes (encoding the ribonucleoside reductase enzyme), abolished the hydroxyurea-induced expression of the recA gene. These data lead us to suggest that induction of the SOS response by hydroxyurea is due to the blocking of DNA replication by the inhibition of the ribonucleoside reductase complex activity.[1]


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