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Experimental studies on the effect of hepatoprotective compounds.

The hepatopharmacological actions of Prostacyclin, 1-phosphate-4-amino 5-carboxamido-imidazole (AICA-P), Catergen, Silymarin and a thiazolidine compound were investigated by applications in in vitro and in vivo model systems. The usefulness of the in vitro system to screen for potential hepatoprotective agents and to investigate the molecular mechanism of these substances is shown. It was concluded that different patterns of hepatoprotective action were elaborated by the same drug depending on the model system used for testing. PGI2 and the thiazolidine compound showed remarkable protection in acute liver damage. However PGI2 circumvented only the CCl4 induced cellular injury, and was inactive in the galactosamine model system. The induction of cirrhosis could be modified by the simultaneous treatment with PGI2 or by the thiazolidine compound but the fully developed cirrhosis was not affected. On the contrary AICA-P and Silymarin treatment resulted in reduction of the amount of collagen in cirrhotic liver.[1]


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