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Combination of annular pancreas and partial situs inversus: a multiple organ malrotation syndrome associated with duodenal obstruction.

A combination of annular pancreas and partial situs inversus has been encountered in three babies who presented as duodenal obstruction. All the abnormalities can be explained on the basis of multiple organ malrotation involving the duodenum, pancreas, liver, stomach, and indirectly, the spleen; hence, the term multiple organ malrotation syndrome (MOMS). The heart maintains its normal left side location in this condition. Similarly the remaining small bowel, large bowel, and appendix are normally located. It is proposed that the triad of intestinal obstruction as suggested by vomiting and visible peristalsis, left-sided liver in the presence of laevocardia, and radiographic appearance of reversed double bubble, be considered as indicating MOMS.[1]


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