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Differential mechanisms of feeding modulation induced by amino sugars in rats.

The present study examined and compared the effects of N-acetylglucosamine and 1-deoxy-N-acetylglucosamine on feeding behavior with those of glucosamine and 1-deoxyglucosamine. Infusion of 12 mu mole N-acetylglucosamine and 24 mu mole 1-deoxy-N-acetylglucosamine into the rat third cerebroventricle did not affect the feeding behavior. However, oral administration of 1200 mumol N-acetylglucosamine elicited feeding and 2400 mumol 1-deoxy-N-acetylglucosamine markedly suppressed feeding. These effects were abolished by truncal vagotomy. Both glucosamine and 1-deoxyglucosamine affected feeding by intra-third cerebroventricular and oral administration. These findings indicate that N-acetyl amino sugars modulate feeding behavior peripherally through the vagal afferent nerve.[1]


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