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Chemical and antigenic properties of pure 108,000 molecular weight chick progesterone receptor.

Previous purifications of the progesterone receptor have yielded inadequate amounts of pure protein along with significant amounts of a nonreceptor contaminant. We have taken advantage of the high yield provided by an affinity chromatography method for partial purification and after the incorporation of additional steps, we obtained purified progesterone receptor devoid of detectable contaminants and suitable for chemical analysis. A polyclonal antibody was obtained using the pure receptor as the antigen. The antibody was specific for progesterone-binding receptor. Tissue distribution of cross-reacting material, analyzed by immunoblotting, confirmed the presence of the receptor protein only in the two tissues where progesterone binding has been described in the chick: the oviduct and the bursa of Fabricius. It was absent in receptor-negative tissues such as liver and lung. The receptor was cleaved with cyanogen bromide and trypsin to obtain fragments that were partially sequenced.[1]


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