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Regulated expression of the c-myb and c-myc oncogenes during erythroid differentiation.

We have investigated the expression of the genes c-myb, c-myc, and alpha globin in murine erythroid cells at different stages of development, in viral-induced erythroleukemias, as well as in two mouse erythroleukemia cell lines that can be induced to terminally differentiate when exposed to dimethylsulfoxide. We find that there is a reciprocal correlation between the cell's production of messenger RNA for c-myb and globin. c-myc message shows a similar but less dramatic decrease coincident with globin RNA production. Initially with the administration of an inducing agent, dimethylsulfoxide, there is a rapid decrease of myc and myb mRNA, which is followed by signs of differentiation in the induced culture. We conclude that these oncogenes function in early maturational stages of development of these cells. In the erythroleukemic state these genes are down-regulated by forced differentiation and may play a direct role in influencing the state of differentiation of these cells.[1]


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