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The effect of ipriflavone (TC-80) on bone resorption in tissue culture.

The fetal long bone culture system developed by Raisz for the assessment of bone resorption was modified to improve the sensitivity, by using radii and ulnae separately, based on the observation of the consistently higher release of 45Ca from the radii than ulnae. Effects of ipriflavone (TC-80), an isoflavonoid derivative currently under clinical trial for its effect on osteoporosis, on bone resorption were examined in this new system. Ipriflavone and its metabolites (5 out of 6) at 10 micrograms/ml or more inhibited basal 45Ca release from bones. The inhibitory effects were still demonstrated in the presence of submaximal concentration of parathyroid hormone (12.5 ng/ml). The effect of ipriflavone on bone resorption was apparently not due to its toxicity on bone cells, since the inhibition was reversible.[1]


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