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A comparative trial of oxantel-pyrantel and mebendazole in multiple helminth infection in school children.

In a pilot study in 17 children, oxantel-pyrantel as one single dose of 10 to 20mg/kg of each, gave good results in ascariasis but poor cure rates in both trichuriasis and necatoriasis. However in the latter groups the infection was extremely heavy. In a controlled trial in 51 children, using oxantel-pyrantel at the same dose, but given daily for 3 consecutive days, or mebendazole 100mg twice daily for 3 days, the drugs gave similar response rates. Both gave 100% cure rates, as assessed by the absence of ova by both Beaver and brine-flotation techniques, in Ascaris lumbricoides infection. The percentage cures and egg reduction rates were 66.7 and 94.5 in trichuriasis and 53 and 93.6 in necatoriasis respectively. Those for mebendazole were 52 and 91.2 in trichuriasis and 37.5 and 89.7 in necatoriasis. Oxante-pyrantel treatment was associated with more cures, and a marginally greater reduction in ovum excretion than mebendazole but the differences were not statistically significant. No side-effects were seen with either treatment.[1]


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