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Disease relevance of Ascariasis


High impact information on Ascariasis

  • Although mebendazole is an effective agent against ascariasis, there are preferable alternatives [5].
  • Piperazine administration decreased the prevalence of ascariasis to 33.8% at the end of the study but growth remained unaltered [6].
  • Children with ascariasis were randomized to receive either 2 sequential doses of 400 mg of albendazole or placebo [7].
  • Levamisole is a drug of choice for treatment of ascariasis [8].
  • The characteristic sonographic features of 'railway track' sign and 'bull's eye' appearance helped make the diagnosis of ascariasis, and ultrasonographic signs were also typical for strangulation in five patients [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ascariasis

  • Vitamin A absorption in ascariasis [10].
  • Statistically significant evidence of an adverse effect of ascariasis on serum albumin levels and plasma vitamin C levels was found, but no child had inadequate levels of these nutrients [11].
  • FINDINGS: Albendazole, ivermectin and the drug combinations gave significantly higher cure and egg reduction rates for ascariasis than diethylcarbamazine [12].
  • In a 60-year-old woman who underwent cholecystectomy and T-tube drainage for biliary ascariasis, postoperative bilirubin levels continued to increase [13].
  • Relationships between ascariasis and lactose digestion and between ascariasis and food transit time from mouth to caecum were investigated in young children from Chiriqui Province, Republic of Panama. The breath hydrogen method was used in both studies [14].

Anatomical context of Ascariasis


Gene context of Ascariasis

  • Sera from patients with ascariasis gave counts of up to twice as great as controls, but sera from patients with toxicariasis produced counts of 7,000-13,000, a 4-6-fold increase [17].
  • Soluble CD23 in the serum of children with ascariasis [18].
  • F9 and F10 also cross-reacted with the antisera against ascariasis and F15, with antisera against angiostrongylosis [19].
  • Biliary ascariasis is not an uncommon paediatric problem in Cape Town. Real-time ultrasound examination offers a rapid method of diagnosis and treatment monitoring [20].
  • A case of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis associated with biliary ascariasis in a 35 year old man is reported [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ascariasis


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