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Disease relevance of Trichuriasis


High impact information on Trichuriasis

  • INTERPRETATION: Symptomless trichuriasis impairs growth and albendazole or pyrantel may affect growth, independently of a therapeutic action on parasites [6].
  • Although hemoglobin values tended to be slightly lower in Trichuris-infected children, there was no association between trichuriasis and serum iron or transferrin saturation values [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: There is an acute phase response in intense trichuriasis and a specific elevation of plasma fibronectin [8].
  • We measured plasma concentrations of cortisol and aldosterone before and after administration of adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) in dogs with trichuriasis [9].
  • In vivo neutralization experiments using anti-cytokine monoclonal antibodies show that critical cytokines are involved, with interferon-gamma playing an important role in the establishment of chronic trichuriasis and interleukin-4 in expulsion of the parasite from the gut [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Trichuriasis


Anatomical context of Trichuriasis


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