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The nucleotide sequence of the polyhedrin gene region from the multicapsid baculovirus of Orgyia pseudotsugata.

The nucleotide sequence was determined of a 1.6-kb restriction fragment containing the polyhedrin gene of the multicapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus of Orgyia pseudotsugata (OpMNPV). In addition, both the 5' and 3' termini of the polyhedrin mRNA were located in the flanking sequences using S1 mapping procedures. 5' Leader, 3' flanking, and open reading frame sequences of 50-52, 145-167, and 735 nucleotides, respectively, were determined, for a total mRNA length of about 935 nucleotides. A potential 5' regulatory sequence which included the mRNA initiation site was identified and an open reading frame upstream of the polyhedrin gene was located. In addition to the polyhedrin mRNA, two major transcripts upstream of the polyhedrin gene were identified by transcriptional mapping.[1]


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