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Modulation of secreted plasminogen activator activity of human renal carcinoma cells by dimethylsulfoxide, butyrate and retinoate.

Dimethylsulfoxide, butyrate and retinoic acid, agents which induce differentiation of certain malignant cells, were examined for their effect on the activity of plasminogen activator (PA) of serumless conditioned medium (CM) of two human renal carcinoma cell lines. All three agents produced a decrease in PA activity. More than 90% of the PA was secreted in latent form, and this was not altered by the agents. Active PA components of Mr 52,000 and 93,000 were identified in cell secretions by zymography. In the presence of DMSO or butyrate the Mr 52,000 component was markedly reduced. Reversibility of the effect on PA was demonstrated for both DMSO and retinoic acid with activity of CM returning to control level after removal of the agent. That the effect was temporary agrees with most observations of the effects of these and similar agents on cells from solid tumors.[1]


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