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Molecular cloning and amino acid sequence of rat enkephalinase.

cDNA clones encoding rat enkephalinase (neutral endopeptidase, EC have been isolated in lambda gt10 libraries from both brain and kidney mRNAs and the complete 742 amino acid sequence of rat enkephalinase is presented. The enzyme possesses a single transmembrane spanning domain near the N-terminal of the molecule but lacks a signal sequence. Because enkephalinase has it active site located extracellularly and is thus an ectopeptidase, we suggest that the N-terminal transmembrane region of the enzyme anchors the protein in membranes and that the majority of the protein, including the carboxy terminus, is extracellular. Enkephalinase, a zinc-containing metallo enzyme, displays homology with other zinc metallo enzymes such as carboxypeptidase A, B and E, suggesting enzymatic similarities in these enzymes.[1]


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