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Interval out-patient female sterilization in Lagos.

Out-patient sterilization services were introduced by the Family Planning Clinic of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, College of Medicine, Lagos, in September, 1981. This paper reviews the results of the first five years of its availability. There were 96 out-patient interval sterilizations, 47 were by the laparoscopic and 49 by the minilaparotomy procedures, representing 0.7% of maternities. Both local and general anaesthesia was used for the procedures. The patients' ages ranged from 28-52 years, all but three being above 31 years. Their parity ranged from 2-15 with between 2-10 living children. Only five patients had less than four children. 37.5% had used no contraception before. Termination of pregnancy was performed at the same time as tubal ligation in 12.5%, and 75% of these were secondary to contraceptive failure. Three patients had emergency laparotomy although in only one was it related to the sterilization procedure. Three patients were observed for 24 hours with no complications. Two patients were re-admitted after one week with pelvic peritonitis. The major complication rate was 3.1%. The failure rate was one per cent. There have been no requests for reversal. The results are compared with those of patients having puerperal sterilization during the same period, who totalled 2% of the maternities.[1]


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