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Use of TARA hemiarthroplasty in advanced osteonecrosis.

The results of 25 TARA hemiarthroplasty procedures performed on 21 patients with radiographically documented Ficat stages III and IV osteonecrosis are reported. The average patient age at the time of surgery was 37.6 years (range, 22-55 years). The average length of follow-up study was 37 months (range, 25-60 months). Preoperative Harris hip scores averaged 51 points (range, 22-69 points). Postoperative scores averaged 90 points (range, 66-100 points). Good or excellent results were obtained in 22 of 25 hips. There were no cases of infection or component dislocation. Three component revisions were performed in two patients. Four patients required removal of trochanteric wires and one patient had excision of heterotopic ossification. This procedure appears to offer selected young patients with advanced femoral head osteonecrosis a very satisfactory initial result, while preserving many options for subsequent revision procedures.[1]


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