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Follow-Up Studies

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Disease relevance of Follow-Up Studies


Psychiatry related information on Follow-Up Studies


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Chemical compound and disease context of Follow-Up Studies


Biological context of Follow-Up Studies

  • BACKGROUND: This follow-up study aimed to assess the frequency of late effects on glucose and lipid metabolism after bone-marrow transplantation in childhood [21].
  • This article examines the schizo-affective states across a variety of dimensions, including the acute symptomatologic picture, response to lithium carbonate therapy, follow-up studies, family history, and genetics [22].
  • The relation between a specific infective event (shigellosis), a specific disease entity (Reiter's syndrome), and a specific histocompatibility antigen (HL-A B27) is documented by follow-up study of an epidemic of post-Shigella Reiter's syndrome [23].
  • These differences in allelic associations may point to discrete attributes of the two alleles in their ability to alter folate and one-carbon metabolite pools and impact after DNA synthesis and methylation pathways, but should be viewed cautiously pending larger follow-up studies [24].
  • To describe the development in blood pressure (BP) in relation to urinary albumin excretion (UAE) more exactly, 44 initially normoalbuminuric type I diabetic patients and 21 healthy individuals were included in a 3.1-year follow-up study by using ambulatory BP (AMBP) monitoring [25].

Anatomical context of Follow-Up Studies


Associations of Follow-Up Studies with chemical compounds


Gene context of Follow-Up Studies

  • Followup studies suggested that persistently high sTNFR values are a better indicator of JRA activity than are measurements of other cytokines or CRP [36].
  • A follow-up study of the first genome scan for ADHD identified significant evidence for linkage to the 16p13 region [37].
  • Although follow-up studies are needed, our findings suggest that QUS of the heel in postmenopausal women taking HRT is affected by variation in VDR and ESR1 loci, jointly [38].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Our follow-up study indicates that the epsilon2 allele of the APOE polymorphism is a prognostic risk factor for both the onset and the progression of diabetic nephropathy in Japanese type 2 diabetes [39].
  • In the group of 41 patients who underwent follow-up studies, EGFR was found persistently high in 67%; 94% of them had relapse [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Follow-Up Studies


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