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The effect of oxytocin on contractile responses and 45Ca movements in rat isolated aortic strips.

The effects of oxytocin ( Oxt) on contractile responses and transmembrane Ca fluxes were studied in rat isolated aortic strips. Oxt (50-1000 mu ml-1) induced a dose-dependent contractile response and spontaneous myogenic activity. The Oxt-induced contractile response was not inhibited by pretreatment of aortic strips with phentolamine plus practolol, atropine, diphenhydramine plus cimetidine or indomethacin, but was significantly reduced by verapamil or deamino-ethyl- Oxt. The dose-response curve for Oxt was shifted upwards and to the left by increasing the Ca concentration of the medium from 1.8 to 4 mM. Oxt also shifted upwards the dose-response curve to Ca (1 to 5 mM) in aortic strips incubated in K depolarizing Ca-free media. Oxt increased the La3+-resistant 45Ca content without altering 45Ca efflux. The present results suggest that in rat isolated aortic strips Oxt produces a contractile response which, as previously found with other neurotransmitters, can be partly attributed to an increase of Ca influx through receptor-operated channels and to the release of Ca from intracellular stores.[1]


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