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Evaluation of artificial plasma for maintaining the isolated canine brain.

The use of canine erythrocytes suspended in artificial plasma to maintain the isolated brain was investigated in 18 preparations. Two plasmas were studied: One (AP1) contained electrolytes, amino acids, and albumin; the other (AP2) was similar to CSF and contained a mixture of 37 organic nutrients plus electrolytes and albumin. The CMRO2, CMRglu, and cerebral vascular resistance (CVR) were measured during 2 h of perfusion, and tissue high-energy phosphates were measured at the end of perfusion. The AP1 and AP2 groups were compared with control preparations perfused with canine red blood cells suspended in buffy coat-poor canine plasma. Both CMRO2 and ATP decreased to 60% of the control value; CVR increased to 187% of the control value in both groups following 2 h of perfusion. After 2 h of perfusion, the calculated value of intracellular pH (pHi)--based on creatine kinase equilibrium--remained normal (6.96) for the control brains, but decreased to 6.49 and 6.63, respectively, for the AP1- and AP2-perfused brains. Thus, there appears to be an eventual disruption of normal oxidative metabolism resulting in energy failure, possibly caused by the absence of an essential nutrient from the artificial plasma. For studies of intermediary metabolism in isolated normothermic brain, diluted whole blood appears to be the perfusate of choice.[1]


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