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Differential responses of synaptosomal cation movements and respiration to the convulsants penicillin, pentylenetetrazol and 3-aminopyridine.

The effect of three convulsants was tested in rat cortical synaptosomes by measuring Na+ and K+ movements and respiration. Penicillin (of its derivatives the 3-phenyl-5-methyl-4-isoxazolyl-penicillin, i.e. oxacillin was used) at 2 to 14 mM concentration prolonged the uptake phase of the K+-curve without altering final cation equilibrium. Pentylenetetrazol, at 10 to 50 mM exerted a concentration-dependent inhibitory effect on K+-uptake, while 3-aminopyridine was effective only at high concentrations (50 mM) preventing synaptosomal K+-uptake and increasing the synaptosomal Na+-content without, however, blocking respiration. The data suggest a transitional rise of K+-permeability of synaptosomal membrane in the presence of oxacillin, without lasting depolarization. Sufficient doses of 3-aminopyridine probably depolarize synaptosomes, the underlying mechanism probably being associated with the primary blocking of K+-channels and a subsequent increase in Na+ influx rather than with the inhibition of the Na+--K+-pump.[1]


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