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Analysis of the structure of fish lymphocystis disease virions from skin tumours of pleuronectes.

Virions of fish lymphocystis disease (FLDV) from tumour-carrying-fishes (flounder, dab, plaice and gurnard) collected in the North Sea were isolated directly from the tumours and purified by sucrose and subsequent caesium chloride gradient centrifugation. They were studied by electron microscopy using embedding methods, negative staining and using metal shadowing methods. Tumours of dermal connective fish tissue showed particles with hexagonal outlines. Occasionally, an "empty structure" was observed. Subunits of the virus membrane were identified after 3 per cent phosphotungstic acid (PTA) or 0.2 per cent Ruthenium red (RR) staining. FLDV measures 199-227 nm in diameter.[1]


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