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Chemical Compound Review

CESIUM     cesium

Synonyms: Caesium, Zaesium, cesio, Cesium-133, AG-E-06587, ...
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Disease relevance of cesium


Psychiatry related information on cesium

  • Caesium levels in manic depressive psychosis [4].
  • Information on caesium retention in lynx and better estimates of deposition densities in lynxes' home ranges are important for further elucidation of factors influencing (137)Cs contamination in lynxes [5].
  • It can therefore not yet be decided whether the changes in the blood caesium levels in the patients are due to a decrease in renal excretion or are only a secondary effect of unnoticed changes in dietary habits [6].

High impact information on cesium

  • The effect of an infusion of natural motilin on the rate of gastric emptying of a standard breakfast was studied in 5 subjects using Caesium 129-tagged resin particles [7].
  • 6. SDS-PAGE and silver staining of lysates of SCV and LCV purified by caesium chloride-equilibrium density centrifugation revealed a number of proteins unique to each cell type [8].
  • In yeast cells, of which the intracellular potassium had been partly replaced by rubidium or caesium, the intracellular ion distribution was studied by means of energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis [9].
  • The locations and numbers of potassium binding sites also differ considerably from the locations and numbers of caesium binding sites in the other structure [10].
  • Csi52, a caesium-insensitive mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana which is defective in potassium transport, is further characterized here using conventional electrophysiology, patch-clamp and radiometric approaches to identify the nature of the potassium transport lesion [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of cesium


Biological context of cesium

  • The caesium ions are distributed equally between the narrow and wide grooves of B DNA and are located close to the dyad axes lying between the planes of adjacent base-pairs [1].
  • 8. Baclofen did not reduce the duration of action potentials that were prolonged with intracellular injections of caesium ions or by superfusions with medium that contained 10 mM-tetraethylammonium (TEA).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)[16]
  • Extracellular caesium ions were used to linearize the membrane properties of PCs near the resting potential [17].
  • 6. The infusion of caesium resulted in a depression of the glomerular filtration rate (G.F.R.) which was not observed when the other alkali ions were infused [18].
  • Highly repeated, or satellite, DNA fractions have been isolated from total Triturus cristatus carnifex DNA by renaturation kinetics, caesium salt centrifugation and restriction endonuclease digestion [19].

Anatomical context of cesium

  • Cesium-133 NMR studies have been carried out on suspended human erythrocytes and on perfused rat hearts in media containing CsCl [20].
  • 4. L-type Ca2+ current (ICa(L)) measured in caesium-loaded myocytes (35 C) from male and female rats of 3, 6 and 9 months of age exhibited similar characteristics [21].
  • The voltage-dependent block of ATP-sensitive potassium channels of frog skeletal muscle by caesium and barium ions [22].
  • Current-voltage relations have been measured for the fluxes of caesium ions through pores formed by gramicidin in lipid bilayer membranes [23].
  • Their diastolic depolarisation (ranging from -60 to -35 mV) was not affected by concentrations of Cs which strongly depressed the diastolic depolarisation of the B cells, even when they were hyperpolarised in the same range of potentials [24].

Associations of cesium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of cesium


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cesium


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