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Occupationally related illness reported to a regional poison control center.

The San Francisco Bay Area Regional Poison Control Center studied 189 cases of toxic workplace exposure occurring over a six-month period in the belief that Regional Poison Control Center reporting could be a useful surveillance measure for occupational disease. Dermatitis was a relatively uncommon occurrence, but systemic complaints were frequent, a pattern differing from that seen in standard occupational surveillance programs. As compared to chemically caused illness detected through a statewide physician reporting program in California, increases in proportional frequencies of certain industrial chemical causes were observed. A matching strategy utilizing the physician reporting system identified only 15.9 per cent of poison control center cases that appear to have been otherwise detected through established surveillance. A nationwide system of Regional Poison Control Centers already exists with a computerized data base in place. This study indicates that these centers could be utilized as a supplementary system for acute occupational illness related to chemical exposures.[1]


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