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Dietary protein restriction in established renal injury in the rat. Selective role of glomerular capillary pressure in progressive glomerular dysfunction.

Dietary protein restriction imposed before renal injury is established in the remnant kidney model in the rat reduces glomerular hypertension and hyperperfusion and renal injury. We demonstrate that dietary protein restriction (6% vs. 20%) imposed on a background of established renal injury in the remnant model leads to a greater preservation of renal function as measured by glomerular filtration rate and fractional clearances of albumin and IgG, despite the persistence of systemic hypertension. In similarly prepared rats, dietary protein restriction (6% vs. 20%) led to a lower glomerular capillary hydraulic pressure, a higher ultrafiltration coefficient, and similar single nephron filtration rates. In addition, less impairment of glomerular permselectivity was demonstrable after protein restriction. Our data demonstrate that the preservation of renal function with dietary protein restriction after established glomerular injury follows upon reduction of glomerular capillary hydraulic pressure, despite constancy of single nephron filtration rate and plasma flow and persistence of arterial hypertension.[1]


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