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Arthropathy and cutaneous calcinosis in hemodialysis oxalosis.

Recently, calcium oxalate crystals have been identified in the synovial fluid of patients with arthritis and end-stage renal failure. We describe 4 patients who, during the course of long-term hemodialysis, developed calcium oxalate crystal deposits in the synovium and skin. Clinical manifestations included podagra, tenosynovitis, olecranon bursitis, and acute and chronic synovitis of the large joints that were associated with chondrocalcinosis or subchondral bone erosions. Diffuse involvement of the hand, with chondrocalcinosis of the finger joints, miliary calcified deposits in the skin, and artery calcifications, was observed in 3 patients. The fourth patient had erosive arthropathy. Oxalosis secondary to end-stage renal failure in patients treated with long-term hemodialysis can present with articular manifestations that resemble those of gout, pseudogout, and apatite deposition disease. Other characteristic features of the synovitis associated with oxalosis secondary to end-stage renal disease were: predominant involvement of the hand, mild inflammatory changes in the synovial fluid and synovium, and poor response to administration of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents.[1]


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