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Classical conditioning of a flexor nerve response in spinal cats: effects of tibial nerve CS and a differential conditioning paradigm.

Previous studies have shown flexor nerve response increases produced by classical conditioning procedures in spinal cats when the conditioned stimulus (CS) was delivered to the superficial peroneal nerve and the unconditioned stimulus (US) was delivered to the ankle skin. In this study, these effects were produced when the CS was delivered to the whole tibial nerve or to the medial plantar branch. The finding that response increases followed by extinction effects could be obtained when either the superficial peroneal or the tibial nerve was utilized allowed the assessment of the effects of a differential conditioning paradigm. The responses to CS-US presentations on the superficial peroneal nerve increased, whereas responses to CS presentations on the tibial nerve remained unchanged. However, lack of extinction effects in the superficial peroneal data suggested that stimulation of the tibial nerve potentiated superficial peroneal evoked responses. Furthermore, responses evoked by stimulation of either nerve increased when paired trials were given on the tibial nerve. These data demonstrate that stimulation of the tibial nerve potentiates responses to superficial peroneal nerve stimulation but that superficial peroneal nerve stimulation has no effect on responses to CS presentations to the tibial nerve.[1]


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