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Pancreotone, an inhibitor of pancreatic secretion in extracts of ileal and colonic mucosa.

1. Pancreotone is a polypeptide material obtained from ileal and colonic mucosa by extraction with alcohol and subsequent precipitation by bile salts. 2. In anaesthetized cats in inhibits the actions of secretin on the pancreas, and of pancreozymin on the pancreas and gall-bladder. 3. Pancreotone has a less powerful inhibitory action on pentagastrin-stimulated gastric secretion. 4. The actions of pancreotone resemble the inhibitory effects on the pancreas and stomach of intraileal and intracolonic infusions of oleic acid and other substances in cats with the vagal and splanchnic nerves cut. Pancreotone may be the humoral mediator of these inhibitory effects. 5. A possible relationship between the actions of pancreotone and somatostatin on the stomach, and of pancreotone and pancreatic polypeptide on the pancreas, is discussed.[1]


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