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Comparative electromyographic study of bite plates and stabilization splints.

The object was to study any influence on the integrated electromyographic activity in the masseter and temporal muscles of two types of occlusal appliances. Seventeen healthy subjects wore a bite plate with a frontal plateau and a full coverage stabilization splint at night, each for 1 wk. The EMG activity was recorded without appliances in situ, in the rest position, and during gentle and maximum biting before and after the use of the different appliances. After use of the bite plate, the EMG activity was not significantly different at any tested level. After use of the splint, the activity in the rest position was significantly lower in the anterior and posterior parts of the temporal muscles. The EMG activity was significantly lower in the rest position in both parts of the temporal muscle after use of the splint than after use of the bite plate. In a control group of eight subjects in whom no appliances were used, the EMG activity did not change significantly between the initial and 1- or 5-wk recordings. Thus, the occlusal design of the appliances seems to be of importance for the influence on the EMG activity in the masticatory muscles, at least in healthy subjects.[1]


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